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Military School Liaison

School Liaisons serve as the primary point of contact for preK - 12th grade school-related matters. The School Liaison Program offers an array of services and resources to support students, parents, installation leadership, schools and the surrounding community. They inform parents about local schools, graduation requirements, afterschool programs, and much more. By working together with these stakeholders, the School Liaison Program builds a support network to provide the best possible education experience for military-connected children and youth.

The School Liaisons Program goals are to:

  • Identify barriers to academic success and develop solutions
  • Promote parental involvement and educate local communities regarding the needs of military children
  • Develop and coordinate partnerships in education
  • Provide students and parents with the tools they need to overcome obstacles to education that stem from the military lifestyle

The School Liaison:

  • Serves as the primary point of contact for school-related matters
  • Represents, informs, and assists students and parents supporting enrollment processes, records transfer, community resources, and student support services
  • Assists military families with educational issues based on the unique needs of students including the their high mobility
  • Coordinates with local school systems in transferring records and credits
  • Ensures military-connected students are properly identified and supported
  • Attends professional development and community activities to learn and understand topics related to the transition of military-connected students and families
  • Assists in coordinating campus-based programs relevant to military-connected students.
  • Forges partnerships between the school, community, and the military installation.
Mr. Scott Carothers serves as the Military School Liaison for Lighthouse Public Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High School Campuses).