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Drop off / Pick up

As Lighthouse Public Schools continues to grow, we wanted to share with you our new plan for pick up and drop off.  
Vehicles will now ENTER on the East end of the parking lot, which is closer to Harness Lane.  This will provide more space for vehicles to park out in front of the school during morning drop off and after school pick up.  
Once you enter the parking lot you will either continue straight ahead to the drop off/pick up area (Red route on the picture) or you can turn right if you need to park (Orange route). 
For the time being, parents will not be allowed into the building.  We are recommending that only parents of students in Pre-K and Kindergarten who want to walk their child to the door should park in the parking lot.    
After dropping off or picking up your child(ren) you will now EXIT on the West end of the parking lot, which is closest to Loop 410 (Red route). 
We ask that you:
  • Please drive slow in the parking lot as there are children getting in and out of vehicles
  • Please be respectful of other drivers.  
  • If you happen to park on the East side of the parking lot, along the fence line, please be careful with our neighbor's fences and properties
Parking at any of the properties across the street from the school will be at your own discretion.  Those are private properties and have the right to tow away any vehicles from their parking areas.  This includes the convenience store across the street.   
We will continue to use Driveline for pick up after school.  If you did not pick up your Driveline number during meet the teacher, your new Driveline number will be sent with your child on the first day of school.  Please read the letter below to find out how driveline works.