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Community Service Activities

Engaging in community service offers numerous benefits for students in school, both personally and academically. Here are some reasons why participating in community service is considered beneficial:
Personal Growth: Community service provides students with opportunities to develop essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. These experiences contribute to personal growth and character development.
Empathy and Social Awareness: Volunteering exposes students to diverse communities and social issues. This firsthand experience fosters empathy, compassion, and a better understanding of the challenges faced by others, promoting a sense of social responsibility.
Civic Engagement: Community service encourages students to actively participate in their communities. By contributing their time and efforts to community projects, students develop a sense of civic duty and learn the importance of being responsible and engaged citizens.
Academic Enhancement: Integration of community service into LPS curriculum provides students with opportunities to apply academic knowledge in real-world settings. This practical application can enhance their understanding of classroom concepts and reinforce their academic learning.
Networking and Social Skills: Volunteering often involves working with a diverse group of people. Students can expand their social networks, make new friends, and build valuable connections that may be beneficial in their future careers.
Career Exploration: Community service allows students to explore different fields and industries, helping them discover their interests and passions. Exposure to various community service opportunities can provide insights into potential career paths and goals.
College Applications: Many colleges and universities value community service experiences when evaluating applications. Admissions officers often see community service as an indicator of an applicant's commitment to making a positive impact and contributing to society.
Character Building: Through community service, students have the chance to demonstrate qualities such as responsibility, reliability, and dedication. These characteristics are essential not only for personal development but also for building a strong foundation for future success.
Sense of Purpose: Community service gives students a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Knowing that their efforts make a positive difference in the lives of others can be a powerful motivator and contribute to overall well-being.
Positive Reputation: Schools that encourage and support community service often build a positive reputation within the community. This can enhance the school's relationships with local organizations, businesses, and residents, creating a supportive and collaborative environment.
On November 12, 2023, Lighthouse Public Schools began the "LPS Day of Love".  The day was focused on giving back to our community through community service.  We want to make this an annual tradition to build capacity in our students and our community.
Day of Love Activities Completed  
Pre-Kinder w/Mr. Henry and Art Students Completed the 2nd Fence Art Project on Campus
Ms. Andrade, Kindergarten Worked at La Estrella Adult Day Care Center
Ms. Dugan, Kindergarten Worked at Legend Oaks West Nursing Home
1st & 2nd Grade Team Lakeside Nursing Home
3rd -- 5th Grade Team Inspiration Notes for LPS Students & Cleaning at Terrace Park
6th -- 8th Team Making Christmas Crafts to Donate to the Children's Hospital of San Antonio
MS/HS Girls Volleyball Team Worked at the Salvation Army in Food Pantry
Student Council & HS Leadership Volunteers Work at the San Antonio Food Bank in the Kitchen
Senior Class Making Essential Baskets for our Community
Other Community Service Projects:
All School Food Drive for Thanksgiving
All School "Socks for the Holidays"
Partner with Nordstrom and provide up to 50 pairs of new tennis shoes for families in need.