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Our Mission and Vision


The Imagine Educational Foundation and The Lighthouse Charter School vision is that each studenwho comes to the school will be educated to his/her maximum potential, will have a positive self-image reflected in good citizenship and will have a positive view of the future. We believe this can be done in a saferewarding environment.



Lighthouse Charter School will develop academically, socially, emotionally, and physically skilled students capable of functioning successfully in a changing world. This will be accomplished by providing an educationally challenging curriculum in a proper and conducive learning environment.




·       All students and staff are worthy of dignity and respect.


·       All students can and will learn under the right conditions.


·       All students have a right to a safe environment which promotes learning.


·       Pride in work and ownership in school are necessary to ensure success for students and teachers.


·       All decisions must be data driven and help to further the vision and mission.