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Good Morning Seahawk families, 
This is an announcement of the upcoming week's events.  I will post practice schedules, game times and any news for the week to this page.  You will also find a link to a PDF file of each team's season schedule.  I will just warn that sometimes there are changes made by the leauge and schedules are subject to changes.  Any time there is a change I will replace the file with the latest updated dates and times. 
Down below I will also include the new grade, attendance and behavior agreement that every athlete is required to sign and return before they play any games moving forward.  Please note the changes to attendance requirements the day before and of a game.  Any athlete who is absent the whole day or any class period on either day will not be eligible to play for 1 game.  Athletes should not arrive late on those days or leave early as this will trigger an absence on whichever class period they were late to or left early for, it only takes one class period.       
Physicals - If your child has not had a physical done or is not scheduled to have their phsysical done sometime this week then they will not be eligible to play in this weeks games.  Proof of a scheduled appointment will need to be shown.  I know several of you have already shown me your upcoming appoinment time and dates. 
Week 5  -  December 4 - 8
Practice Schedule
4-6 Grade Boys and girls will practice on Wednesday and Thursday this week from 4-5:15
Next week the 4-6 grade teams will not have any games. We will practice on Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5:15 before leaving for the Winter break. 
This Week's games
*any student not present today will not be elligle to play tonight
Monday December 4, 2023
5:30 PM - 4-6 Grade Girls play against IDEA Ingram Hills @ the LPS Gym
6:30 PM - 4-6 Grade Boys play against IDEA Ingram Hills @ the LPS Gym
Both Games will be played at the Lighthouse Public School gym - Please arrive early as seating is limited.  We will also try to limit the number of people in the gym until the previous game is over. (If you are here for the boy's game, please allow the girl's game to finish before entering the gym, unless of course if you have a child on both teams) 
If you live close to the school, I do encourage you to pick up students to possibly eat before our games this evening since our games are being played a little later.  If that is not possible, that is not a problem.  We will be here setting up the gym for our games this evening.  Just make sure that Girls are back by at least 5:15 and the Boys by at least 6:15.  
7:30 PM - JV Boys play against The Anne Frank Inspire Academy @ the LPS Gym
Friday December 8, 2023
6:00 PM 9-10 Grade Boys will play against IDEA Hidden Meadows at the IDEAD Hidden Meadows Gym which is located at 10138 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251
The team will leave the campus promptly at 5:00 PM