Family Survey

Helping students do their best in school requires a team effort. Parents, students, and schools all play important roles in this process. To help all of us learn how to make your child's schooling experience as positive and beneficial as possible, please give us your honest, thoughtful responses to the questions below. If you have multiple children attending this school, please think about your oldest child's experience.

All responses are completely anonymous, which means no one will be able to tie your responses back to you.

Your child's experiences in school may have looked different over the past few months due to COVID-19. As you think about these questions, please think about your entire experience with the school. You may skip any questions that you do not have enough information to answer.


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You will be able to change the language on top of the page.  Also, there will be a drop down menu in order to select your child's campus.  If you have a student in grades 6-8, you will choose Lighthouse Public Schools - Middle.


Middle School



If you have a child in grades 9-12, you will choose Lighthouse High

High School



Thank you and we appreciate your participation,


Mr. Zavala