Social Media Alert

Dear lighthouse community,


I come to you this evening with some information and to ask for your help.  While I believe that a parent is free to allow their child to participate in social media, I please ask that you make yourself aware of their account activities and what might be going on online. While there are benefits to social media, such as connecting with friends and family, lately we have experienced the ugly side of social media at Lighthouse.  In the past we have had students who might participate in a TikTok challenge, send a mean message on Instagram, or argue with another student through direct or group messaging.  While these actions can be just as bad, these unwanted behaviors on social media were a bit easier to deal with because there were usually names associated with them or the student knew who was behind the message on the other end. This past week we experienced something much worse. We have learned of several Instagram accounts who have either used LHPS or Lighthouse in the username/handle. These accounts have been posting malicious, hateful and even racist comments about students, teachers and administrators at the school.  These actions are believed to be run by a group of students who are both in middle and high school.  These students are believed to be logged into different Instagram accounts which are set to private and will post these pictures with the ugly captions on them.  Many students in the school are also followers of these accounts and will post comments or “like” the messages posted on these accounts. This is also a problem because it continues to encourage the people behind the accounts and even brings in more followers to see the posts.  Please talk to your children about the dangers of participating in such activities.   The law allows us to take action when such items cause problems at the school. If discovered, student(s) will face consequences.  These actions are unwanted, unappreciated, intolerable and quite frankly bullying.  If you have any questions or any information that can help please feel free to give me a call at (210)236-7693 or send me an email to [email protected]



Thank you very much and have a great rest of your evening,



Jose Zavala

Director of Secondary Education