High School End of Course (EOC) Exams

Dear Lighthouse families, 
Tomorrow morning we will begin our first round of Spring testing with the STAAR English I EOC exam.  All of our 9th Grade students will take this exam as well as any students who are in 10th grade but have not passed the STAAR English I EOC.  On Thursday, the 10th Graders will take the STAAR English II EOC Exam.  It is very important that your child be on time and in attendance as Tuesday and Thursday will be the only day the exam will be offered.  If your child is not in attendance on their testing date, they will need to come in and test on Friday April 8th, which happens to be a school holiday.  
Please ensure:
  • Your child arrives to school on time
  • Have your child eat a healthy breakfast at home or at school.  In addition to our regular breakfast, we will provide a breakfast taco to all testers
  • Ensure your child gets a good night's sleep
  • Gently encourage your child to do their best
Thank you very much for your continued support,